Roundtable Community (Roundtable Research and Education Community, RC) was established in 2004. RC is a vibrant community that provides fresh outlooks to the society and the dynamic global scene. RC has introduced a training platform for the new generation of talented youths, specializing in academic research for Hong Kong’s future development. Through sourcing and distributing mass amount of works by youngsters with high social awareness, ranging from commentaries on social issues to critiques on both local and international cultural scenes, RC has also built up a mature platform for free debates and ensures an excellent flow of intellectual ideas and opinions to support sustainable development in Hong Kong. (Full Text)

Roundtable Community (Roundtable Research and Education Community 圓桌研究及教育協會) 成立於2004年,是年輕而充滿活力的慈善機構。以培育學術研究人才見稱,透過搜集、發放年青人對社會科學及文化的評論文章,為青年人建立自由發表的平台。此外,我們積極讓年青人與社會不同界別建立聯繫,擴大他們的社會參與圈子及流動性。目的是藉著跨網絡和發表渠道,建構一個多元文化及溝通的空間,推動公民社會的發展。(全文)

  • Establish a youth network; Accumulate social capital
    Youngsters from all fields can participate in social actions from multiple angles. Through active participation, youngsters can build up their social networks further. A “revolving door” concept is adopted to enhance a healthy flow of opinions in society, thus, gathering social capital successfully and efficiently.
  • Popularize worldly knowledge; Publicize social science
    Through publishing and releasing scholarly research papers and news articles, we facilitate cross-sector dialogues. The level of civic discussion will be continually raised and authentic public debates will be carried out in the near future.

  • Cultivate of future pillars of Hong Kong; Emphasize the importance of youth’s role
    We offer opportunities for youngsters to take up their social responsibilities. Hence, youngsters can develop a sense of importance and become self-initiated to provide a variety of avant-garde ideas towards issues concerning social development.

  • Expand dialogues and exchanges among all sectors; Promote diversity of voices and opinions
    We oppose bilateralism and advocate multilateral discussions and dialogue in society. Through active interaction among all fields, every member of the society can give a hand in plotting the blueprint for a 21st century world-class metropolitan.

  • 建立青年網絡,凝聚人才資本:
  • 引領知識下放,普及社會科學:
  • 培育社會棟樑,提升青年角色:
  • 擴大界別交流,推動多元聲音: